Film Locations in Croatia

Croatia is a land of nature diversity and rich history

Film Locations in Croatia and surrounding countries

nature diversity

Croatia and surrounding countries can provide a scenery for any type of audiovisual work.

Finding film locations in Croatia is a enjoyable task. Even though it’s quite small country we have lots of scenery. Those can be easily transferred to act as any other famous part of the world.

We are the country of mountains, plains and coasts.

If you are interested in any of them please contact us or take a look only a small part of the film locations we have prepared for you. Or, we can explore any area to find your perfect filming location.

rich history

Packed with historical monuments and ruins you could cover themes from an Roman Empire, Italian Renaissance and French Provence to adventurous mountains and never-ending plains.

We have beautiful mountains just looking over the coastline and such warm to cold climate, that gets from 15° Celsius (59 °F) to -20° Celsius (-4 °F) in winter, in a short distance of only 150 km.

Croatia has 8 National Parks and 11 Nature Parks, some of the most popular are National Park Brijuni, National Park Kornati, National Park Krka and of course National Park Plitvice Lakes with its amazing waterfalls protected by UNESCO.
National Park Krka is similar to Plitvice Lakes but it is somewhat smaller.

within arm's reach

In just one day you can easily reach any of those film locations in Croatia. Croatia could incorporate modern, medieval, western and many other filming themes.

After having been involved in many projects we gathered lots of film location images in Croatia. Here, we’ve posted only some of them.

Surely the most popular city is Dubrovnik, in region of South Dalmatia, a historical city that brings you centuries back. The City Walls, almost 2 km long, exist from 8th century, but the shape of the walls that we see today is defined in 14th century. Now you know why the Game of Thrones was filmed there.


Here you can browse some interesting locations for you. If you are interested to investigate any locations in Croatia or surrounding countries please contact us here and we will do the research for you.



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