It seems that filming in Croatia is gaining a global popularity.
We will give you some fragments of amazing architecture and nature from the eyes of the photographer and cinematographer.

Next Destination of Film Industry

Croatia is located on the Adriatic sea. It sits on a geologically important crossroad of the Central Europe, Southeast Europe, and the Mediterranean.

Game of Thrones

After filming of the Game of Thrones in Dubrovnik and after Brad Pitt considered to build luxury villas in Sibenik surroundings, we believe that Croatia will be even more popular. He said that Croatia is the most beautiful country he has ever seen. And we assume he has seen the most of it?
Even Google owner Larry Page attended the wedding of his brother in-law at the Istria Peninsula in the small city Motovun. Its stunning nature and Medieval architecture makes it a perfect place for film scenery.

Croatia is a synonym for untouched nature, friendly people and especially excellent food. The fresh tap water is something that you will bring back home.
Croatia is so small with total of 4.5 million inhabitants. This is a half the size of some major American city. This emphasizes even more, the versatile climate and diversity of the nature.

We have beautiful mountains just looking over the coastline. Also warm to cold climate, that gets from 15° Celsius (59 °F) to -20° Celsius (-4 °F) in winter, is far from each other in a short distance of only 150 km.

To begin the journey of the Croatian filming destinations we will start from the south towards the north. We will mostly cover Adriatic sea coastline and we will include some of the islands as well.

Filming in Croatia – most popular destination: Dubrovnik

Surely the most popular city is Dubrovnik, in region of South Dalmatia, a historical city that brings you centuries back. The City Walls are almost 2 km long. They exist from 8th century, but the shape of the walls that we see today is defined in 14th century. Now you know why the Game of Thrones was filmed there.

Dubrovnik - Game of Thrones Filming Location
Dubrovnik – Game of Thrones Filming Location

Up north, you might consider your production project in City of Split. It has historical Diocletian Palace at the very city center. Split is a second largest city in Croatia.

Historical sites in Split and Trogir

The city situated 30 km north from Split is a must-see City of Trogir. This is an amazing historical place, filled with hundreds of small restaurants with local cuisine, historic monuments and churches. Trogir has that special historical vibe you will surely experience.

City of Trogir Croatia
Trogir – Small town in Dalmatia bursting with history
Split - Diocletian's Palace Peristyle
Split – Diocletian’s Palace Peristyle

National Parks and Nature Parks

Croatia has 8 National Parks and 11 Nature Parks. Some of the most popular are National Park Brijuni, National Park Kornati, National Park Krka and of course National Park Plitvice Lakes with its amazing waterfalls protected by UNESCO.
National Park Krka is similar to Plitvice Lakes but it is somewhat smaller.

Take a look at the images from our Aerial Reel that might interest you as a filming location.

Plitvice Waterfalls
Krka Waterfalls

Rijeka and Opatija – Filming Friendly Locations

160 km up north there is the City of Rijeka. It is the largest port in Croatia. The nearby small city Opatija, with hotels and villas built by Austrians in 19th century will surely take you back in history.
Rijeka and Opatija are production friendly locations. There you will be able to get your licenses very fast and in the shortest time possible.

Rijeka - Production Friendly Location
Rijeka – Production Friendly Location
Opatija - Another Production Friendly Location

Istria Peninsula – Great site for film productions

The next stop is the Istria Peninsula, truly Mediterranean area of olive oil and wine. In the image below there is a picturesque small town Motovun, with vine cellars and domestic food. Especially the sunrise and the sundown.

Motovun - Croatia

And finally, there is Pula. Most preserved Roman Arena in the World is situated in Pula. City of Rovinj was once part of the Republic of Venetia.
Of course, we have 1000 islands that you should consider as well.

Pula, Roman Arena
Pula – Most preserved Roman Arena in the World

Well, this is just a tiny bit of the many fabulous places in Croatia where you can plan your production and your filming in Croatia. If you are interested in any of them please give us a call. Take a look only a small part of the locations we have prepared for you.
Stay tuned!