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We’ve been here quite a while, shooting films and TV commercials, dealing with every equipment, every team and obstacle.

Complete Production and Co-Production services. We take a personalized approach, prioritizing your budget and the needs created to your crew, equipment or color grading or correction.

Well known for its epic films and creative commercials and tourism films, our Production Company Cinemart creates short artistic stories with individual approach to client.

Cinematic color grading technique and the amazing aerials is our specialty. Regardless of the destination, we will set the mood that suits the client and seamlessly incorporate traditional and modern elements. Besides the cinematography we provide art photography as well.

Available worldwide they merge wishes of the clients and their vision.

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Our Short Film Aerial Reel won two prestigious prizes for the Best Tourism Films for the year 2017!
International Committee of Tourism Film Festivals (CIFFT) award for the Best International
Tourism Film

Best International Tourism Film Istanbul

Drone footage of Arena in Pula
Jahorina Film Festival
International Festival of Documentary and Short Feature Movies

Best International Tourism Film Jahorina

Drone footage of historical tower in Croatia