Production Services

Cinemart Motion Picture is full service production company specialized in Commercial Films, Documentaries, Drone Filming, Corporate Films, Music Videos and many others.

As a result of more than 15 years of experience in commercial and film production, Cinemart Production Services offer full production support. We can create best commercial films for your brand.

Production Services

Tv commercials, films, documentaries, drone filming
Professional Production Services for TV Commercials, Films, Documentaries, Music Videos, Drone and BTS filming.
Production services for foreign productions
Co-Production Services in Croatia


Post-Production, Permits, Drone, Equipment, Color Grading, Location Scouting, Casting
Personalized approach, your budget is our priority. We will work together to create to ensure easiest ways to create films and commercials. Above all, we are friendly and highly professional and have the passion to make the shooting day an ultimate artistic experience. We cover Germany, Switzerland and Croatia, but also surrounding countries such as Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro.

If your plan is to film in Croatia and to receive government financial benefits you should consider hiring us as your local Co-Production company. Croatian Government supports film making in Croatia by refunding the 25%-30% of the production expenses made in Croatia.

Benefits of filming in Croatia

Shooting Permits

Shooting Permits, Parking, Firefighting Department, Police, Insurance, Leases
First of all, wherever filming, you will need various shooting permits. That’s where we come in.

For example, in Croatia, especially in Primorsko-Goranska County and Istria County, in contrast to other parts of the country, permit fees for filming are affordable and issued in very short period.

Aquiring Shooting Permits for Filming in Croatia
Production Services in Croatia - Camera & Crew Hire

Camera, Crew & Equipment Hire

Licensed steadicam/gimbal operators and drone crew
Let us know of the equipment you need on set and we will provide it for you.

Our internationally awarded Director, DoP and Colorist is available for all your production and cooperation needs.

Drone Services

Professional Licensed drone operators
Need a drone shooting?

We got you covered, we can handle all licenses and permits for you.

Drone shooting the way you would like it and in the shortest time possible. We will produce professional footage for you.

Drone Services for Production in Croatia
Location Scouting Services

Location Scouting

Rich cultural heritage emerges from almost any part of Croatia
With mild climate Croatia is one of the richest countries by its biodiversity. It has  several climate regions, from Mediterranean coast, to mountains and Pannonian planes. We have crop fields, vineyards, hills and mountains, rivers and waterfalls, lakes and forests, urban areas, modern buildings and, of course, the Mediterranean sea.

Croatia is well known for its Roman, Habsburg Monarchy and Austria-Hungary architecture. It’s filled with gothic, renaissance and baroque churches, monasteries and fountains. We have best preserved Roman Arena in Pula, Medieval Diocletian Palace in Split as well as Dubrovnik Old Town.

See Locations


Color-grading and editing in DaVinci Resolve Studio and Adobe Suite
We provide full post-production services, from editing to color grading and implementing sounds.

Our tools are DaVinci Resolve Studio and Adobe Suite.

Production Services in Croatia - Colour GradingServices
Production Services in Croatia - Professional Photography

Professional Photography

Extensive experience in professional photography
Due to extensive experience we provide photography services for all your needs, whether it’s location scouting, casting or behind scenes or even retouching.


Castings for Tv commercials, corporate films, music videos
We can help you with organizing castings for actors or any other role in the project whether it is film, a commercial, corporate film or any other purpose. To spread the word, and in agreement with the client, we use all available social media to announce casting sets.
Production Services in Croatia - Casting Organisation
Travel & Accommodation part of the Production Services in Croatia

Travel & Accommodation

traveling, accommodation, restaurants booking
Where do you wish to travel? Which type of accommodation do you consider? Give us your requirements and we will take care your crew for traveling, accommodation, restaurants booking arrangements and many more.

Hair & Makeup

get your makeup and hair professioally done
Professional team of Hair Stylist and Makeup Artist are at your disposal.
Hair and Makeup Services
Professional Translation Services


professional written translations
Fast and reliable high quality written translations for all your work documents. As a result of the great cooperation we can offer translations of any type of documents, whether they are highly technical or business related.